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The First Aethyr

“The world is dying, and the point of no return has passed. There is no stopping it.” Those were the words that the man who waited informed me as he finally raised his head to look me in my eyes. 

My previous entry gave an example of an experience when group work was too ambiguous, so I suspected some may enjoy a recollection of one that was successful. This event took place in the late summer of 2016 at a fraternal brother’s house. It was a rare event where I mixed my personal students with an Order event, but this one was where all were invited. I would say around fifteen people were present. This would be the first time Adley and I would be scrying an aethyr with others present. 

After years of experience with the system, we had the system familiarity and precision that in the past we just didn’t possess. Everyone in attendance minus my brother in law had all participated in trance work before. When the invocation began I almost immediately felt weightless and my mind commenced in showing me shapes and symbols connected as if in a machine or a living temple of sorts. There is a music video I came across later by Royksopp & Robin for their song Monument that shows almost exactly what I see when accessing any aethyr. If you care to track down the visual it starts around the 3:10 time mark in the video. Of course, this video isn’t a perfect example but it’s as close to the feeling/visuals that I have found.  In my experiences, there are symbols etched everywhere into the sides of the twisting walls, and instead of arriving at the cosmos, I enter an aethyr through an open pathway of light upon arrival. 

When I arrived in the first aethyr there was the typical mist or haze I am used to seeing as my mind adjusts to an unknown environment. When I looked around I saw a bunch of nothing as it was extremely dark. The environment was very drab shaded all around in hues of blue, gray, and black all heavy and murky. There were figures moving sluggishly in all directions, but even though I could see them they were all very far away. I tried to make my way to what I thought was the closest one but with every step that I took toward them, the figure only seemed further and further away. I instinctively knew that I would never reach them, and it was like a mirage put there to trick. A wave of extreme depression took over me and I felt lost, alone, and isolated. I didn’t care to continue. If there is such a place as purgatory I am inclined to believe that this was it, or this place is what it would feel like. 

I recall Adley saying that he had to direct me into action as all I repeated for quite some time was “why? There is nothing here.” His prompting is what most likely got me to begin investigating again, and in doing so I saw what I can only describe as a disintegrating shack directly ahead of me. In front of it sat an old man in an oversized rocking chair with himself sprouting elongated extremities and face. I made my way over and this time I was successful in reaching my destination. 

I stood next to the being as he rocked so slowly that it was frustrating to watch and asked “I have made a journey to speak with you.” Not looking up he sighed “You’re a little late.” “Is there time in a place like this?” I questioned. “We are the watchers of time. I am the one that waits.” I thought on this and decided to wait with him for what felt like days.

I had an impression that this place existed before the illusion of man’s time began, and I knew that he most likely held immeasurable wisdom. “How do I successfully navigate all the aethyrs?” I requested. “Like anyone human would move from place to place. You need a key to unlock the doors.” He informed in a slow monotone voice. “What do the keys look like?”  I inquired. “Every aethyrs key has a different form, and it has to be freely given or found.” With that, he reached down toward the ground which was so dark I am not sure if he reached into a bag or it was just laying out loosely, but he held up a glowing metal relic of bronze color and placed it in my hands.

That is when I realized his long fingers held a journal in which he was drawing a symbol that was a circle with lines that cut through at an angle.  I examined the key and it matched the symbol he had drawn.“Do you know what this shows? It shows the world is out of balance. Like languages, we change forms, our names change, and this key reflects that truth.” As he spoke this I instinctively knew he meant what he said, but it was filtered knowledge. The sadness his aura was let off in waves that could drown, and they almost seemed a test that one had to shake off. 

As if he read my thoughts he let out a muffled laugh. His back straightened and his long neck finally turned my way. “The world is dying, and the point of no return has passed. There is no stopping it.” Those were the words that the man who waited informed me as he finally raised his head to look me in my eyes. 

His eyes were kind, but there was a spark of trickery in them as I suspected there would be. At first, my heart was so heavy from the thought of the Earth, and that everything living upon her was doomed that I couldn’t speak for some time. The feeling of inevitable destruction of everything I knew was suffocating. Then I shook my head and I responded “Isn’t that funny the thing about time? Time can’t be reversed, so technically each point we pass is a point we can’t return to?” This time he laughed a hearty laugh that startled me and shook my chest with its impact. When he finished his spurt of amusement he said “clever, but there is always an end.” With that exchange he went back to looking down at his work, and I knew our visiting was over. I left knowing what he said was true, but it wasn’t as imminent as the man who waited wanted it to seem.

When the group discussed the experience there was an amazing similarity of experience. Two participants who were close friends even started crying when lost in the dark depression and sensing each other found one another in the aethyr. They both had the same experience of being on opposite sides of the room. Everyone present described the overwhelming feeling of nothingness and hopelessness. Also, four other participants all drew a similar symbol before I described it aloud to the room. The reason I mentioned my brother-in-law earlier was this was his first Enochian experience and he was of those moved to draw the key that was presented.

Speaking of the whole key experience, I have never heard of needing to unlock each aethyr separately in the Enochian practice. Needing permission to enter, or having commands/sigils/names would make more sense than something physical like I was given here. Nonetheless, it was a powerful exchange and an amazing group experience on what linked minds can accomplish when intent and experience come together.