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The Enochian Abyss

The next few blogs I will be sharing are older documentations of what I consider some of the most important encounters I’ve had as a Seer. I will begin with an interaction that occurred in 2012 while working with the Enochian system. 

In our younger days, Adley and I held multiple events at our house to encourage and grow a local magical community. One of those events we called Monday Night Magic and was for the development of The Omaha Community of Thelema. We would do all sorts of magick and meditations, but a favorite for many was the Enochian system. There were times we even shoved as many as 25 people along the walls of a 9 x 9 room in which our temple was located. How? I still don’t know how we all fit comfortably in there, but we did – magic!

Adley was the operator and I the Seer. Those in attendance chanted the invocations alongside Adley. People sat in all directions taking different parts of the invocation so the energy and voices were aimed directly to the center of the room where Adley and I sat. I personally always enjoyed the addition of the extra chanting not only for large group participation, but it caused the trance to be extremely powerful and happen quicker than with just us two. The trance state would happen within me and also in all within the temple, minus the operator. 

During this particular session, something occurred that hadn’t happened before nor has it happened again since that evening. In the trance state, I sat in the room with the others in the presence of an Angelic being in the NorthEast corner. Part of myself communicating with that being and answering the typical questions we would ask. Yet, while I was indeed in that room I was also torn consciously in two. The other part of me was on another plane of existence completely. Everywhere I looked everything was grayscale like the world was made of concrete or castle-stone. Only mountains and rocky barren land in shades of black and white could be seen for miles in all directions. There was a foggy mist that hid the sky and I had the sense of being in a cave even though there was no proof that I was enclosed, or any reason visually that would make me feel that way. I walked for what felt like days, and yet I knew time, in the sense I understood it, didn’t exist there. 

I walked in one direction until I came to absolute nothingness. The ground just stopped and instead of being able to see the cliffs gradually decline into darkness it just went straight to … nothing. The only way to describe it would be vantablack, which is black that absorbs all and any light. Staring into the abyss caused me to feel physically ill and incredibly frail, yet I couldn’t look away. I could hear scratching and dragging noises within its depth so I stared waiting to see what could be the source of the sounds. The abrasive scraping seemed like whatever the source was right at the very top of the pitch, and miles below simultaneously. So I sat as still as the stone coloration of my skin made me look.. and waited. 

Part of me believes that I probably would have been frozen there for eternity if I didn’t hear a bored sigh come from my left, and then a heavy thud. Since I hadn’t seen anything but nothingness for so long at first I was completely blinded as if it was the very first time I had ever opened my eyes. There in the fog sat a beast with a body of a lion with three heads. One head was of a man, one of a dragon, and the third stretched so high that I couldn’t see anything but its red eyes. The red blinking eyes made my throat dry as it felt like they shouldn’t nor couldn’t exist in this black and white universe, yet there they were looking down on me. The head that was shaped like a man became visibly startled and without moving its statue-like lips said “You shouldn’t see us. How do you see us?” To which I responded nothing. The dragon head looked at me but was more interested in snapping relentlessly at something above it which I could not see. “You do see us.” The masculine head repeated, and I nodded. “Why am I here?” I finally asked. “Return and come back when you should. Come back when you’re ready. I will stay here guarding until that day.” Then as quickly as I had snapped into two pieces I was slammed back into one. I found myself in the living room with my friends laying on the ground. They all had no idea of the adventure I went on. I ate and drank a glass of wine finally finding my voice to explain what had occurred. To do this day I only remember the second adventure and nothing of answering questions with the crowd in that room. 

I start with this recollection for a few different reasons. Firstly, I hope to make sense of it one day and then be able to share what will happen “when I am ready” if I ever am, but the other is of course to acknowledge caution is necessary for this type of work. Make sure when you are working with any spirit that precautions and the required preparations such as offerings, fasting, etc. are observed. To which on this day I did not. This working I went in not knowing the intended outcome or requirements to which I now criticize myself for. I pride myself in an elastic mind between the logical and the supernatural, but a mind can snap in the right circumstances. I indeed had a snap that evening which was one of the most intriguing and terrifying ordeals I have had occur within my mind. An ordeal that will have me ruminating most likely until the day when I may be ready. 

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