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Are you in need of some insight or guidance with issues you’re dealing with?  Do you need some magical instruction or assistance to help resolve it?  Let’s spend some time talking about it.  I’ll give you all the advice you need, things to try, instructions in magical operations and answer any questions you may have.

Just book your appointment below and then purchase the consultation.  I’ll be in touch after that.

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4 reviews for Personal Consultation (up to 1 hour)

  1. Lupina H.

    Adley’s consultations are deeply insightful. I have had several and in each of them, I learn more about not only the magickal work in question, but also more about the art of magick in general. Because magick after all, is not only a beautiful art but a delicate science. So much is based on ancient, and often conflicting knowledge; and thus, so much of magick can go wrong! Yet, through the thicket of the thousands of years of discourse, Adley can help you identify the thread that is needed to move forward. . .

  2. Donnie S. (verified owner)

    If you’re looking for a catalyst to increase spiritual authority and clarity in your practice, then don’t hesitate to engage with this sincere gentleman to uncover a wealth of inspiration and direction. Adley’s competence and knowledge base are well established for good reason. A relaxed and insightful discussion on a wide range of esoteric topics, ritualistic practice and principals that will lead any like-minded conjurer to enhance their application of the arts, providing both motivation and layered depth of understanding.

  3. Richard Rios (verified owner)

    I had a consultation that led to a specified service that I needed and Adley listened very carefully and was able to conclude what I needed. Sometimes what you believe that you need might be different than what you actually do, and Adley can give you the consultation to help you out. He did not try to upsell me and he was very clear, honest, and happy to explain the Magic types to me and why his direction could be useful. For all that he knows and practices, this is the best consultation that money can buy and I now pay for the subscription to get even faster service. Thank you for all the clarification Adley!

  4. nightlord424 (verified owner)

    I’ve had like 6-7 consulation with Adley and he has been very helpful and informative, honest guy and very knowledagble. In my case he helped me with my evocations when it comes to Goetia. I don’t think i would do the things right without these consulations.

    Highly recommended if you need help with your workings, not only for Goetia, but generally when it comes to magick.
    Thanks Adley!

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