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Obligatory Introduction

Whenever I try to write a biography or a “get-to know me piece” I always do poorly. I ask myself what would make my voice different or worth sharing over what’s already out there? In truth, maybe nothing. There are outstanding authors and scholars that are much more proficient with their studies and explanations. Yet, I will still sit here and list some of the esoteric and occult qualifications and titles to which I hold: High Priestess, Oracle, Thelemite, Witch, et… and I admit that I am an initiate of many mystery traditions. I list this quickly only so you can envision and understand that these studies and experiences are and have been an extremely important part of my life’s calling. It is perfectly acceptable if these don’t mean much to you, but they are all deeply important to me.

You may be wondering, why am I starting a blog if I feel my point of view may not be new or groundbreaking? Simply put, I was asked to, and the part of myself that needs to share wanted to. I know that blogs are a bit out of date, but that is how I am, a bit old-fashioned, I suppose. I will always prefer vinyl records and physical books, per example, over the digital age’s immediate gratifications. These postings will mainly focus on my experiences as a Seer in the numerous rituals I have and will perform. It will be from a personal experience point of view, so if you are anticipating something academic then you’d probably rather not waste your time. If academia is your forté, then my husband Adley’s blog will be much more your cup of tea.

So who am I? In retrospect I suppose I have lived a unique path, but the company I keep would make it seem normal. I spent my youth cloud bursting, and building my intuitive nature as early as I can remember. Growing up, my best friend and I would sit in the sun and hold hands trying to guess what the other was thinking. It was our favorite past time as we were usually right, which led to our enthusiasm to try more and more difficult messages. When we attempted this with our other friends, the readings were always one sided, which made some neighborhood kids very uncomfortable around both my friend and I. I share this personal history because even though I believe that intuition can be learned, and with the correct system usage results will be successful, it is still a talent like any other skill, that some are just more innate to acquire it.

This skill of Seer, Scryer, or Oracle, if you will, is indeed one that naturally came to me. I have now shed away the embarrassment that I once had of admitting that. The outside world is one that is filled with charlatans and scam artists, or so we’re constantly told. We are so trained from childhood to be aware that this world is out to get you. Due to this I always felt the need to either hide this part away, or prove myself depending on the audience. Instead, today I find myself respecting those that are trying to normalize metaphysical gifts that in the past, were once held dearly, and so well respected. `

The systems in which I work are: Enochian, the Elucidarium Necromantiae, traditional medieval grimoire magic, British Traditional Witchcraft, and my own personal invocation practices. I am deliberately always trying to add to my catalog of spiritual experiences, so I am sure there will be more to come. I hope that these documentaries of mine may inspire and potentially catalog useful knowledge along the way.

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