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Disregard the Day and Hour Combo (Elucidarium)

It has always struck me odd how separate the hour is considered from the day in the Elucidarium Necromantiae. It seems like whenever it speaks to the operation where one might expect to see the ever so common phrase “on the day and hour” that instead we just see the emphasis of the hour and a distinction being reinforced. Regarding practicing on the day and hour, at least specific to the Heptameron and Elucidarium, it’s just not needed.

If we look at the first few breakdowns of the many celestial names and how they are organized we see a list of all 24 hours. We also see the breakdown specifically of the angels of the hours for each day. So if we are to practice only on the day and hour, why do we even care about what angel rules the 3rd hour of the day? If we’re only going to work with Gabriel on Monday, why do we care that Samael rules the 4th hour?

The Elucidarium (VRL1115) states: “in every work it is necessary to write first the name of the hour. Now we say that secondly should be written the name of the angel of the hour in which you operate.”

This line suggest you can work in a multitude of potential hours and with the angels which rule each of those hours. If we were supposed to work the day and hour, why in the world would we be told we could operate say in the third hour of the day? Not only that, but we’re told the angel of the hour has its own place to be written in the circle separate and distinct from the angel(s) of the day and their ministers. We’re also told the pentacles which are made with the angels seals are that of the angel of the hour and not the angel of the day. It reads, “then standing in the middle of the circle, he should say the name of the hour, and the name of the angel of the hour, with his hand extended in the air, showing the sigil of the angel of the hour, engraved in the appropriate metal or written on virgin parchment of a young goat”. It seems wherever there is an opportunity to mention the importance of the day and hour together the hour is intentionally distinguished from the day.

At this point we summarize the order of writing in the names of the circle:

  1. The name of the hour
  2. The name of the angel of the hour
  3. The sigils of the angel
  4. The names of the angels of the day in which you perform your work.

Again there is a strong distinction being made here between the angel of the hour and the angels of the day. They each have their respective place in the circle too. It leaves one wondering just how separate the hour is from the day and just how important or unimportant it is to work on the day and hour together.

It’s pretty clear in the Elucidarium that the target spirits are the Kings of the Air and their ministers which rule their own day. So if you wanted to work with King Maymon, you’d have to work Saturday. If you wanted to target King Varchan you’d have to work Sunday, etc. This however does not imply you must work on the hour of Sunday to conjure Varchan or the hour of Saturn to reach Maymon. We are actually seeing a surviving tradition inside the Elucidarium which traces back to the works of Apollonius of Tyana and earlier and has a lineage tracing from the CLM849, Sepher Razielis, Liber Juratus, The Book of Wisdom (pseudo-Apollonius) and into the 9th century in Liber Temporum. It’s a tradition which sets the time of the operation as the ideal power to constrain the target spirits. If for example you needed assistance next week for something, you would call on the celestial spirits during that time for favor regardless of aligning the planetary hour with the planetary day.

Consider the analogy of a prisoner (and this does not imply the spirits of the air are prisoners). Let’s say you have Maymon in a cell and you want to go and unlock the cell so you can speak to him. Well, he’s only available on Saturday, so three days in advance (when you should be making your circle) you call the prison and set an appointment with the warden of Saturday who is Cassiel (Caphriel) and his ministers for 12:00 noon. Cassiel checks the calendar and says okay, it’s officially winter, so I’ll let the big guns who oversee the guards during winter know you’re coming (these would be the angels of the season). They then look at the work schedule and see that on Saturday at noon the guard on duty is Michael. Once you meet with Michael on Saturday you can then open the cell and speak with Maymon.

In other words all seven of the angels of the hours have access to the spirits of any day and there is no particular reason you need to meet up with the guard of the first hour of the day. Rather it’s important that you meet up with the proper guard at the time of conjuration. So know that in the system of the Elucidarium the hour that you do the work is the most important part of it all, it just does not need to be the same hour of the day.

Thank you Joseph Peterson for confirmation of various bits of info here
Thank you Alexander Eth for the wonderful analogy of the prisoner