Obligatory Introduction

Whenever I try to write a biography or a “get-to know me piece” I always do poorly. I ask myself what would make my voice different or worth sharing over what’s already out there? In truth, maybe nothing. There are outstanding authors and scholars that are much more proficient with their studies and explanations. Yet,[…]

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The Death of Time

Recently I’ve been researching into the process of the granular division of time in the late medieval grimoires. In doing so I feel I’ve stumbled across some pretty significant information about this tradition. This article will expand on the following, that the conjuration of spirits has been a long standing tradition of not just calling[…]

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The Enochian Abyss

The next few blogs I will be sharing are older documentations of what I consider some of the most important encounters I’ve had as a Seer. I will begin with an interaction that occurred in 2012 while working with the Enochian system.  In our younger days, Adley and I held multiple events at our house[…]

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A Rose By Any Other Name

A rose by any other name is still a rose, but what about a spirit by any other name? In a recent interview on Inside the Magick Circle, I was asked a question about spirits which seem to have a correlation to each other but have different names. Sometimes these names may be corruptions but[…]

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Holy Water – Roman Rite

Holy water is often a requirement in virtually all grimoires. It is used to purify space as well as utilized in the consecration rituals. There are various ways to create holy water, most of which are very complex and unique such as what is found in the key of solomon. A movement within the 15the[…]

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The Complicated AF Liber Juratus Circle

Liber Juratus is a pretty intimidating grimoire which contains multiple circles with multiple operations. If you’re actually going through this grimoire you might be uncertain about which circle to use. In order to determine this, we have to confront conflicts and complications brought up through reading the text. So we should take a little time[…]

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