Into the Heptameron

On September 7, 2019, I was available on a Friday night and Adley asked me to try something new that he had been practicing on his own. Even though he is my working partner and we’ve been working together for over fifteen years now, we hold individual esoteric interests and practices. Adley was doing workings[…]

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The First Aethyr

“The world is dying, and the point of no return has passed. There is no stopping it.” Those were the words that the man who waited informed me as he finally raised his head to look me in my eyes.  My previous entry gave an example of an experience when group work was too ambiguous,[…]

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Obligatory Introduction

Whenever I try to write a biography or a “get-to know me piece” I always do poorly. I ask myself what would make my voice different or worth sharing over what’s already out there? In truth, maybe nothing. There are outstanding authors and scholars that are much more proficient with their studies and explanations. Yet,[…]

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The Enochian Abyss

The next few blogs I will be sharing are older documentations of what I consider some of the most important encounters I’ve had as a Seer. I will begin with an interaction that occurred in 2012 while working with the Enochian system.  In our younger days, Adley and I held multiple events at our house[…]

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